Vignoble Klur Clement

The Klurs humbly and sincerely do what the family has done for generations; make the best Alsatian wine that their terroir will allow and offer a warm welcome to their visitors.

Cultivating Organically and Biodynamically

The uniqueness of Katzenthal is that it lies on a geologic fault that is 500 millions of years old. Their parcels of Wineck-Schlossberg and Steinacker are planted on two-mica granite slopes, originating from the mother rock of the Vosges massif, at the head of the village and about 600 meters from the Vosges fault which is composed of alternating sedimentary soils like clay-limestone, mussel chalk (fossil-rich limestone), and marl (lime-rich mud) at the base of the Hinterburg. Recognizing the value of these unique features, their ancestors chose to establish certain grape varieties on the heights and others at the head of the village so that each variety of subsoil and soil can best express itself.

The Klurs have used natural material to build their home, guest houses and winery, and are currently installing solar panels. A round underground natural cellar with a green roof keeps cool naturally.

For years the Klurs have used no treatments or synthetic fertilizer and have developed a biodynamic compost in a partnership with other vignerons. They prepare infusions from nettles, horsetails, and willows for treating the vines; they respect the sowing schedule for working the soil and applying the biodynamic preparations to the vines. For maintaining biodiversity in a landscape which tends to favor monoculture, they are preserving their stone walls and hedges and planting fruit trees. All of these practices provide a refuge for numerous species whose utility is to maintain equilibrium among the vines. True biodynamic viticulture!

Manual harvest. Almost all of their parcels are on hillsides, with some slopes attaining a 40% grade. All work is done manually and demands a real passion for the vine. Their grape vines are on average 35 years old but in some parcels they have 55-60 year-old vines. For two to three weeks, by stages, their grapes are gathered in 3 passages for each parcel and/or by variety, at the height of their maturity.


Klur winery. The Klur vineyards originated from a long family tradition but have been dedicated to organic production since 1999. Today, they have 7 hectares of vines in 20 parcels located in Katzenthal mostly on granite soil, but also on clay-limestone soils. The Klur wines are considered to be characteristic, very personal, clean, yet elegant, dry and fruity, representing an excellent quality-price ratio.


Integrity Wines is proud to present four of Klur’s introductory level wines:

Voyou de Katz 2009, from Muscat, Riesling and Sylvaner from 35 year old vines on chalky-clay and alluvial soils, showing fruity, dry, crisp minerality as a light fun wine to drink.

Pinot Blanc 2009 , 100% hand harvested Pinot Auxerrois from Alluvial soil. Easy drinking, fresh and light – a perfect everyday wine.

Pinot Gris 2009, hand harvested from 35 year old vines on chalky-clay soil, shows a very clean bouquet, lively mouthfeel and nice length. It has rich candied fruits character and slightly smokey aromas.

Reisling Katz 2009, Sandy and alluvium soil, hand harvested 30 year old vines, with a fine bouquet, floral aromas, clean, crisp mouth feel.