Matthieu Barret

Since 1998, at the ripe age of 23, Matthieu Barrett has been on an ambitious and successful mission to create high quality, natural wines.  At Domaine du Coulet’s 10 hectare planted terraces overlooking the Cornas appellation, their winemaking “is ‘flexible’ to let wine to do as it like in order to express its soil and its vintage”.


Ever since Matthieu took the helm of the estate and began Domaine du Coulet, he has worked in an organic and biodynamic way. The domaine maintains extremely high standards and since 2002 has been certified biodynamic by ECOCERT and also a member of BIODYVIN.  Matthieu continues to evolve as a winemaker while only using natural methods to allow micro-soils to develop and to personalize the wines.They only use all natural yeasts that form on the grapes and use very little sulfur-only 2 g/hl at bottling.  Matthieu’s wines are about purity of fruit, distinct minerality and pronounced terroir expression.


Domaine du Couletcomprises over 10% of the Cornas appellations 90 hectares of planted area.The property is solely dedicated to the production of 100% Syrah allowing them to focus on perfecting their wines.  The terroir is locally referred to as “Gore” which is very old, degraded granite.


Currently,  Matthieu works four cuvees, but others are produced during special vintages.  The harvest takes full advantage of gravity as it sends the grapes to the tanks.  While in the vats they perform a daily punching of the cap.  They do a low pressure pressing which avoids hard tannins and there is no fining or filtration.  These processes allow the pureness of fruit to shine.


  • Cornas Brise Cailloux: 100% Syrah, Young and old vines on bottom and mid slope terrain of degraded granite soils with a clayey-silty strip on the bottom slope. Production: 6,000 Bottles, Yield: 35 hl/ha.  13 month in barrels and ovoid concrete tanks.
  • Cornas Les Terrasses du Serre: 100% Syrah, Average Age of Vines: 45 years old, Situated on old degraded granite (Gore).  70% aged 18 Months in 6 to 10 year old barrels, the remaining 30% in concrete eggs
  • Cornas Billes Noires (Black Marbles): 100% Syrah, Average Age of Vines: 55 years old, Situated on old degraded granite (Gore).  Aged 24 Months,12 months in 10 year old barrels and 12 months in stainless steel vats
  • Cornas Gore: 100% Syrah, A Selection from the best Parcels, Average Age of Vines: 35 years old, Situated on old degraded granite (Gore).  Fermentation in concrete eggs for about 3 weeks, 24 months in concrete eggs, debourbage before entonnage, one rack per year.


MatthieuBarret represents the future in Cornas. His domaine is, in my opinion, the single most exciting new domaine in the appellation today.  Wine Spectator, James Molesworth.