Domaine Beauthorey
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Domaine Beauthorey – Christophe Beau
Corconne, Pic Saint-Loup

is located in Languedoc, appellation Pic Saint-Loup: four hectares with about eight specific “terroirs”, starting in 1985 has increased in size by double, including very old vineyards which are up to 80 years old (two hectares mixing cinsault, carignan, aramon, etc.), as well as new plantations which are 15 years old (syrah and grenache). Both viticulture and viniculture at Beauthorey are completely natural without technological advanced intervention and certified biodynamic by Demeter. According to Christophe, “far more important than a label (biodynamics) or an appellation contrôlée (pic St. Loup), human scale gives sense to my presence in a “terroir” and gives way to an authentic quality.” In organic agriculture since 1985, biodynamics since 1998.

Vine Ages: from 4 to 80+ years. A few vineyards are horse plowed. Everything is estate grown, hand harvested and sorted, naturally fermented with indigenous yeasts. Low, bush trained vines planted with a few larger vines trained vertically on wire. Older varieties like the oeillade, the terrets, clairette, bourboulenc, carignan, aramons, etc. are found on the property but also more recent plantations of syrah and grenache.  Christophe believes the key to making good wine is to use healthy grapes at full maturity and not unnecessarily constrain them to fit certain fermentation processes biologically with yeasts, chemically with sulfites or mechanically.

While Christophe produces a fine array of excellent authentic wines, he is also an accomplished and published author of books on his long-term practices.In addition,he recently started an experimental project of teaching a wine making garden that combines different modes of vine growing from the Etruscan and Greek historical affiliations.

Beauthorey has been dedicated to reintroducing the flora and fauna into the vineyards, allowing the cultivated areas to be integrated with the herds of roaming sheep on the property. His goal to shape a balanced soil and create a natural, balanced environment in an effort to make authentic wines of the highest quality.  The object is to create a living economy throughout the entire wine-making process.  Beauthorey is a simple human adventure involving many energies for a collective sense.

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Integrity wines is pleased to offer the following wines from Domaine Beauthorey.

  • Terre Ferme:    50% Grenache, 20% Carignan, 20% Cinsault, 10% Syrah
  • Bella Parra:     Syrah,Cinsault
  • Ultime    2006    Alicante,Carignan, Cinsault, Aramon, Gros Noir
  • Pleine Lune:    2010    100% Syrah