Chateau Tour Des Gendres

Luc de Conti – Chateau Tour Des Gendres

Chateau Tour des Gendres wines are produced on layers of calcareous soil south of the Dordogne river. Built on a hilltop Gallo-Roman site, the property has been famous for its wines since the 12th century! Luc and Martine de Conti bought the property in 1981. The vineyard is fifty hectares in size and offers three very different “terroirs”: Les Gendres, Les Grand Cailloux and St. Julien d’Eymet. At Les Gendres the soil is very calcareous and gives colorful, full-bodied wines with round and ripe tannins; At Les Grand Cailloux the soil is clayey and calcareous and gives fruitier wines and at St. Julien d’Eymet, the sandy, clayey-calcareous mixture brings suppleness and fruit. Varieties of red grapes used are Merlot (50%) Cabernet Sauvignon (40%) Cabernet Franc (9%) and Malbec (1%). For the white wines it is 60% Semillon and 40% Sauvignon Blanc. Some years a little Muscadelle is used. Luc is deeply committed to bio-dynamic methods. His wines are among the finest and most exciting wines of Southwest France.

Known since the 12th century as the winery of “Chateau de Bridoire”, Chateau “Tour des Gendres” (literally “Tower of the sons in law”) is located on the site of an old Gallo-Roman villa. Owned and run for the past 3 generations by the “De Conti” family, Chateau “Tour des Gendres” is the flagship of the Bergerac appellation.
The De Conti’s have 52 hectares, all in Bergerac, all organically farmed since 1994, AGROCERT certified since 2005. Yeilds are managed based on grape varieties, soil, vintages, the style and balance of the wines and their agricultural plots. average yield: 5-6 bunches per vine. Vinification techniques are customized to reflect the true vintage expression.

Integrity Wines is proud to offer three wines from Tour de Gendres:

Chateau Tour Gendres, Bergerac Blanc Sec 2010 : Semillon70%, Sauvignon Blanc 30% ; calcareous clay loam soils with dominance of clay. South facing, gentle slope. Total de-stemming, Maceration, natural cold racking, fermentation in stainless steel vats (18 ° c), resuspension and related macro-oxygenation, minimum filtration.
Chateau Tour Gendres, Bergerac Rouge 2010 Merlot 50%, Malbec 50%, Clayey limestone: 50%, Clay: 30%, Boulben: 20% ; Total de-stemming, cold maceration, fermentation 20 days, aged on the lees in stainless steel tanks, no filtration, no fining.
Chateau Tour Gendres, Cuvee des Conti 2010, Semillon 70%, Sauvignon Blanc 20%, Muscadelle 10% on Clay-limestone ; Manual picking and sorting grapes very ripe, Total destemming, Maceration for 48 hours, Cold settling, Fermentation in stainless steel vats (18 ° C), Micro-oxygenation and stirring of the lees, Bentonite fining, Minimum filtration, 11 months on lees.

According to Luc, the physico-chemical equilibrium of the earth, the exploitation of all layers of the sub-soil, and the strength of his vines have naturally alter the taste of his wines, the alcohol level is lowered, the natural acidity is increased, the mineral character of the soil is more assertive in the wines, tannins are ripe and soft and the flavors are typical of their plot of origin.