Champagne Piollot
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Champagne Piollot Pere et Fils

Five generation Growers, now operated by winemaker, Rowland Piollot, continues to be dedicated to preserving the traditions of Champagne.

Rowland’s father’s lifelong passion was to select only the best vine plants, by observing them closely year after year. Rowland’s heritage was thus a vineyard composed of plants resulting from Selection Massale – a method of vine propagation in which cuttings are taken from a number of different older vines – which is to a great degree are responsible for the unique character of their vineyard. In 1986 the Piollots decided to begin making and selling their wines under Piollot et Fils.

Piollot utilizes organic and biodynamic practices both in the vineyard and in the cellar to procuse the purest expression of his family’s land and terroir. Everything is estate grown, hand harvested, natural/indigenous yeast fermented, carefull berry selection.

Rowland only uses natural fertilizer prepared on the estate and ensure that the soil is worked regularly. Rowland pays careful attention to his plants so that he may help guide them. In accordance with the tradition of their village, the Piollots create 100% Pinot Noir rosés by employing the maceration process.

The single objective: to establish a healthy and balanced system in which the vine plant and the terroir are able to fully express themselves in all their authenticity.

Grape Varieties: 60% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonay, 6% Pinot meunier, 4% Arbanne

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  • 50% east facing
  • 50% west facing

Vineyard Age:

  • 20% more than 40 years
  • 60% from 20 to 40 years
  • 20% less than 20 years

Viticulture: Practicing organic / biodynamic